Cleaner Air 4 Schools

Client: London Borough of Southwark

Sector: Environmental Protection

Brief: Develop an air quality project working with six schools to address local air pollution and awareness levels – helping pupils and their families understand what actions they can take to reduce exposure, and supporting them to take action to do what they can to reduce their own impact.

Deliverables: A bespoke programme was drawn up for each school based on their needs and issues. A team of air quality, behaviour change and education professionals was assembled to deliver lessons, citizen science activities and evaluation work at each of the schools.

All participating classes showed overall improvement in awareness and understanding. And, over all, at schools that provided before and after survey results, there was a 15% increase in knowledge and awareness of participating pupils.

86% of staff responding to the programme evaluation survey said the programme was either very good or excellent. The same number said they would definitely want to run the CA4S programme at their school again.