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Richard Lancaster of PWLC Projects has been working with Lambeth Council leading on a Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme called “Our Streets”, set up to gather feedback from residents and businesses in four wards in Lambeth about street improvements they would like to see.

Our Streets is the second programme of its kind in Lambeth, with others likely to be delivered across the borough in the future as funding is released. The purpose of these initiatives is to use funding that has been set aside in these areas as a result of local planning applications to create features that help make neighbourhoods safer, cleaner and greener.

Consultation was carried out with residents and businesses in these wards, with councillors leading the way to identify project opportunities. We received lots of great neighbourhood improvement ideas from residents which we’ve analysed and proposals have been put together to support the key issues and suggestions.

The suggestions that have we have been able to turn into proposals tie in with Lambeth Council’s ambitions to provide a cleaner, greener and safer environment for citizens of the borough. Some of the schemes that will be delivered between autumn 2016 and summer 2017 focus on air quality, reducing crime and making the public highway safe for drivers and pedestrians alike.

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The Our Streets programme is focussing on Lambeth’s commitment to citizens to provide a cleaner, greener and safer borough for all. Some of the key proposals that have been put forward to target these commitments are:

Cleaner and greener:

As part of the project we are planting trees across a range of neighbourhood locations identified by residents to help improve air quality and the street environment.

Working with a social enterprise partner called “Father Nature” we’ll be holding events within the community to install planters and raised beds in neighbourhoods, bringing citizens together as they work side by side to deliver and look after these planters and beds. The planters will help enhance the neighbourhood by adding greenery, and will also serve to prevent the anti-social behaviour of dumping rubbish as they’ll occupy space that offenders might use for fly tipping

We also aim to deliver public realm improvements and streetscape de-cluttering in areas to help create cleaner and greener spaces, as well as dealing with rat running traffic.


A number of traffic calming, road safety and waiting restriction measures will be assessed and where it’s practical to install them, they’ll be implemented in roads identified with potential risks during the first phase of resident consultation. New pedestrian crossings near some schools have also been added to the list of proposals; all these schemes will make it safer for road users and pedestrians alike.

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Further information about the project can be found on Lambeth’s webpage: