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Local Authority School Community Business Projects

We deliver a range of sustainable travel projects for schools, businesses and communities. We work with both public and private sector organisations, creating and delivering a wide range of projects that support more sustainable behaviours through social marketing and behaviour change led education and awareness activities. Legacy is a consideration in all of our projects, so even our short-term activities have sustainability embedded.


STARS Officers

We recruit, train and support STARS Officers to operate alongside existing local authority teams. We have vast experience of delivering both the Modeshift STARS and TfL STARS programmes with schools across the country. The specific role of our STARS Officers is defined by the local authorities that we work with although we generally work towards the aim of engaging and supporting schools to deliver a range active travel activities with the ultimate objective of achieving a level of STARS accreditation. Central to our approach is that we support schools on the full journey from initial engagement to moving through the levels of accreditation until they achieve Gold level accreditation.

School Engagement (Active Travel Officers)

We recruit, train and support schools Active Travel Officers who are able to deliver a range of activities with school communities including walking, scooting, cycling and public transport promotion. Bespoke packages of measures are discussed, devised and delivered with the schools to ensure that they receive an action plan that is appropriate for their unique set of circumstances.

STARS Training, programme development and support

We have a team of acknowledged experts in sustainable school travel who have experience of developing and implementing school travel programmes, including the implementation of STARS, in local authorities across the country including Merton, Croydon, Darlington, Southampton and across the North East Combined Authority.

We run STARS and Travel Plan training sessions for local authority and school staff as well as developing bespoke school travel programmes and conducting evaluations of existing programmes.

5/10-minute Walk Zones

The aim of our Walking Zone projects is to increase walking and ‘park and walk’ to participating schools. Workshops are held with small groups of pupils (School Council, Green/ Eco-Team or Junior Travel Ambassadors) to establish the walking zone, create maps and banners, and launch the walking zone at each school. Pupils then introduce the map and its purpose to their peers in an assembly and an on-street/playground based school run activity takes place to introduce parents to the map. This, alongside other promotional activities, encourages pupils and parents to walk to school more often. Modal shift away from car use on these projects has been between 5% and 17% for the schools that we have worked with to date.

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We recruit, train and support STARSfor Officers to operate alongside existing local authority teams. Our team have been heavily involved in designing the new STARSfor scheme and delivering training to local authorities across the country on how to use the system.

STARSfor is the national travel plan accreditation scheme that has been established to recognise excellence in supporting walking, cycling and other forms of sustainable transport. It is an online system that supports the development of Travel Plans for workplaces, Universities and Colleges, NHS Trusts, business parks and residential developments.

PWLC Projects deliver STARSfor training and can develop DC and voluntary travel plans using this tool which subsequently render the travel plan easy to monitor and eligible for a level of a national accreditation.

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Personalised Travel Planning (PTP)

Personalised travel planning is all about raising awareness of people’s travel options and the associated benefits. We believe that PTP can be made more effective by broadening the range of ‘engagement points’ at which residents come into contact with the project. As such, alongside our traditional doorstep delivery of PTP, our approach includes running information sessions at supermarkets, shopping centres, schools and at community events. We have developed our own in-house PTP app that ensures that our delivery is cost effective and efficient.

Our approach combines behavioural change theories and our team undergoes training that allows them to deploy Motivational Interviewing techniques and identify readiness to change behaviour through the Stages of Change model when talking to residents.

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Strategy, Policy and Guidence

Behaviour change training for staff

Our vastly experienced team have delivered behaviour change training for a number clients. Most recently, members of the team have delivered training for the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport, Darlington Borough Council, the London Borough of Haringey and Devon County Council

Strategy, guidance and campaign development

We have a track record of strategy, guidance and resource development related to school travel planning, including Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategies (SMoTS) for numerous London Boroughs and have developed the following regional and national publications:

  • Modeshift STARS User Guides for Schools (Modeshift 2015)
  • STARS Guidance for Schools Promotion; Funding for STARS; Influencing Parents; National Curriculum; Partnerships; Building a Working Group (Modeshift 2015)
  • STAR Accreditation guidance and Campaign tool kits (Sutton / TfL 2012)
  • What works? STAR Accreditation guidance and campaign toolkits. A practical “how to guide” -Higher standards and Outstanding levels (TfL 2011)
  • “What’s SMoTS?” Guidance for Local Authorities (TfL 2009)
  • SMoTS: A Practitioners Guide “National SMoTS guidance (DCSF 2009) (adopted from “What’s SMoTS?”)
  • “What’s so special?” Travel Plan guidance for SEN schools (TfL 2009)
  • Travel Plan guidance for Independent Schools (TfL 2009)
  • “Ticket’s Please”, Public transport initiatives guidance for schools (TfL 2009)

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