Holger Talvik

Holger has developed highly prized skills in surveying, information collection, interpretation, mapping and design. He prides himself on working with large amounts of data, whilst producing low margins of error by being incredibly thorough with his work. He’s carried out a number of studies for PWLC including: Parking Reviews, pedestrian counting projects, survey and qualitative analysis, traffic counts, street clutter audits, traffic sign audits, environmental audits and asset condition assessments that have contributed to larger pieces of work that PWLC has been commissioned for.

Holger can speak Estonian, English, German and Russian and has a BA Degree in Urban and Environmental Planning, specialising in Urban Regeneration during his MA studies. Not only is he enthusiastic about regeneration and the urban fabric as such, he is equally excited about food and cooking. In search for unique flavours and different cuisines he likes to explore new places and environments while fulfilling his passion for travelling.